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 214 items found in BACKLIGHT INVERTERS:

A-1253-588-B SONY A-1253-588-B Df5 Board (inverter) 1-873-819-12
Inverter board 1-873-819-12
USED - $15.00

EBR74492902 LG ELECTRONICS EBR74492902 Led Driver Board Kle-d550zci-a
Board number KLE-D550ZCI-A REV:1.1 Used with LG LM96M55T480V12 55" LED panel.
USED $23.00

A-1253-587-B SONY A-1253-587-B Df4 Board (inverter) 1-873-818-12
Backlight inverter board 1-873-818-12
USED - $15.00

1-857-047-11 SONY 1-857-047-11 Lcd Backlight Inverter Rev0.3
other part numbers: LJ97-01578A LJ97-01665A SSB460HA24 Rev0.3 Fits LCD panels: LTY460HB08 LTZ460HB08 LTY460HC01
USED - $14.00

SSB520HA24 SONY SSB520HA24 Baklight Inverter Set
Includes 4 inverter boards: 1-789-843-11 (SSB520HA24-LU) Upper Left 1-789-841-11 (SSB520HA24-RU Upper Right 1-789-844-11 (SSB520HA24-LL) Lower Left 1-789-842-11 (SSB520HA24-RL) Lower Right
USED - $35.00

A-1256-156-B SONY A-1256-156-B Backlight Inverter Board Df1 1-873-815-12
Backlight drive module Board numbers: 1-873-815-12 172867112
USED - $14.00

A-1553-193-A SONY A-1553-193-A Backlight Inverter Module 1-877-053-11
Board numbers: A-1553-192-A 1-877-053-11 A-1536-222-B
USED - $18.00

A-1663-192-C SONY A-1663-192-C D3n Board
Backlight inverter/supply module Board numbers: 1-878-997-12 173060012 A1663192C
USED - $22.00

55.55T16.D01 SONY 55.55T16.D01 Led Backlight Inverter
for KDL55W700B
USED LIKE NEW - $19.95

6632l-0048c LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0048C Backlight Inverter Master Kls-ee30-m
Board numbers: KLS-EE30-M REV:6.0 Used with LC300W02 32" LG LCD panel Made by LG Philips
Out of Stock

6632l-0048d LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0048D Backlight Inverter Slave Kls-ee30-s
Board number: KLS-EE30-S Used with LC300W02 32" LG LCD panel Made by LG Philips
Out of Stock

6632l-0191a POLAROID 6632L-0191A Backlight Inverter Master Rev 8.0
Fits LC370W01(A6) panel Other board numbers: KUBNKM080A Rev 8.0 LC370W01 ,M
Out of Stock

6632l-0197c LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0197C Lcd Backlight Inverter - Master
for 37LC2D
Out of Stock

6632L-0208B LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0208B Backlight Inverter Slave Rev-0.3
Board numbers: YPNL-T009B(S) LC320W01 (SLAVE) Fits LC320W01-SL14 LG 32" LCD panel. Made by LG Philips
Out of Stock

6632L-0260A LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0260A Backlight Inverter Board Master Rev:01
Board number KLS-EE32CI-M (H) REV:01 Made by LG Philips
Out of Stock

6632L-0392A VIZIO 6632L-0392A Inverter Master
for V047LFHDTV10A
Out of Stock

6632L-0471A PHILIPS 6632L-0471A Inverter Slave
for 42PFL7422D/37 V042LFHDTV10A
Out of Stock

6632L-0493A LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0493A Backlight Inverter
Out of Stock

6632L-0525D LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0525D Lcd Back Light Inverter Board Master Rev0.1
For LD470WUN-SB-A1 47" lcd panel Board number PPW-CC47VT-M (P) Rev0.1
Out of Stock

6632L-0550A LG ELECTRONICS 6632L-0550A Backlight Inverter Rev1.1
Board number PPW-EE26HD-0 (A) Rev1.1 Used with 26" LCD panel LC260WXN-SBA1 Made by LG
Out of Stock


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