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 2103 items found in MAIN BOARDS:

EBT62218302 LG ELECTRONICS EBT62218302 Main Board Eax64696604
Board numbers: EAX64696604 EAX64696607 EBR75290602 AV switch Digital tuner USB port RS 232 port Analog inputs (2 component, VGA) 3 HDMI inputs Optical output Substitute part numbers: EBU61842503 EBT62218303 EBT62218301 CRB33350601 EBT62218202
USED $45.95

EBT63355001 LG ELECTRONICS EBT63355001 Main Board Eax65865804
Main Unit Board numbers: EAX65865804 (1.0) 329X245 Substitute part numbers: EBT63336701 CRB34948401 (LG refurbished).
USED $99.95
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bn96-24574a SAMSUNG BN96-24574A Main Board Bn41-01799b
Substitute Parts: BN94-04343K BN96-20965A BN94-06039C Used with Samsung Plasma panels: S51FH-YD01 S51FH-YB01 HDMI Inputs Digital Tuner USB Port Optical Audio Output
NEW - $54.00

BN94-05758H SAMSUNG BN94-05758H Main Board Bn41-01778a
Board number BN97-06546A Main board module VGA Input HDMI Input A/V Inputs (Analog) Digital Tuner USB Port Digital Audio Output
NEW - $35.00

6871VMMS16A LG ELECTRONICS 6871VMMS16A Main Digital Pcb Malibu 6870vm0481c
Used in LG and Zenith 42" plasma screens, other board numbers: 6870VM0481B 6870VM0481D 6870VM0481E 6870VM0481F 6871VMAY92A 3141VMNS15A Substitute part number CRB31691401 DVI input VGA input RS232 port
USED $15.00

bn94-05848b SAMSUNG BN94-05848B Main Board Bn41-01876b
Board Number: BN97-05375B BN41-01876A HDMI Input A/V analog inputs Digital Tuner USB port
NEW - $24.00

TNPA4360S PANASONIC TNPA4360S H Board (main Analog) Tnpa4360
Component/Composit inputs S-video in Optical port Board number TNPA4360
USED - $14.00

Analog board - A/V inputs switch TNPA4346ABS Optical Port RGB input 2 S-video inputs
USED - $13.95

6871VMMF17B LG ELECTRONICS 6871VMMF17B Main Digital Pcb Board 6870vm0526e
Sub part numbers: 3141VMF500A 3141VMN979A DVI input Optical ports VGA port RS232 port
USED $14.00

NQP0000000094 SHARP NQP0000000094 Main Board 1a2c0525
Substitute part number NQP0000000029 Board numbers: 1A2C0525 899-M00-40N0 T.RSC8.10A 11153 Digital tuner HDMI inputs RGB input USB port Digital Audio Coaxial port Used with Sharp LK600D3LA38 60" panel
NEW - $69.00

bn94-05917s SAMSUNG BN94-05917S Main Board Bn41-01812a
Other board numbers: BN97-06298N BN41-01812A Used with Samsung DE400BGS 40" LCD panel VGA Input HDMI Inputs A/V Board Digital Tuner USB Port Optical Audio Output LAN Ethernet Input
NEW - $45.87

6871vmmt13a LG ELECTRONICS 6871VMMT13A Main Digital Pcb Af-044p
Cable card slot Opyical ports VGA input HDMI input DV inputs
USED $14.00

A-1376-788-A SONY A-1376-788-A Main Board Bm Assembly A1278778a
Main Unit BM HDMI inputs Component/Composit inputs S0video in Digital tuner RGB input Board Numbers: A-1268-470-A 1-874-195-12 A1278778A
USED - $35.00

6871VSMF20A LG ELECTRONICS 6871VSMF20A Main Analog Pcb 6870vm0464a
Sub part number CRB30423801 Analog component/composit video audio switch S-video input Audio amplifier
USED $12.00

bn94-06143a SAMSUNG BN94-06143A Main Board Bn97-06989a
Board numbers: BN97-06989A BN41-01937A Digital tuner Analog inputs (Component, Composit) 2 HDMI inputs USB port Substitute part# BN94-06143B Used with Samsung DE600CGS-V2 60" LED panels
NEW - $35.00

6871VSMK06A LG ELECTRONICS 6871VSMK06A Pwb(pcb) Assembly, Signal 6870vs1729c(0)
Analog signal board Composit/S-vdeo switch Tuner
USED $9.99

TNPA4347ACS PANASONIC TNPA4347ACS Digital Board (dg) Enge6602krf
Digital PCB ENGE6602KRF Digital Tuner HDMI inputs Used with Panasonic MC106F16F10 42" Plasma Panels
USED - $28.00

bn94-05750q SAMSUNG BN94-05750Q Main Board Bn41-01812a
Other Board numbers: BN97-06298N BN41-01812A Substitute part number: BN94-05559R Used with Samsung LTJ460HN05-V 46" LCD panel
NEW - $45.00

667-lpy15-01p POLAROID 667-LPY15-01P Main Board 667-lpy15-01p
board number 782-LPY152-010B Analog inputs (component, composit, s-video) Tuner
USED - $14.00

6871VMMT69B LG ELECTRONICS 6871VMMT69B Main Digital Pcb 6870vm0533b(1)
Digital board VGA input DVI input RS232 Input Adio Input Sub part number CRB31694301 (factory refurb)
USED $15.00


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