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 19 items found from CMO brand:

27-D014568-M CMO 27-D014568-M Inverter Master Rev 3
Other numbers found on the board: 0730SL M17672 VIT70042.50 REV:3 I470H1-10A-L103D
USED - $18.00

27-D014568-S CMO 27-D014568-S Backlight Inverter Slave Rev:3
Other part numbers from the board: VIT70042.51 REV:3 I470H1-20A-L03D 0730SL S17672 LCD Panel numbers: V470H1-L03 REV C1 V470H1-L03 REV B2
USED - $16.00

27-D022899 CMO 27-D022899 Backlight Inverter T87i034.02
LCD backlight inverter module Board numbers: T87I034.02 1 Used with Samsung 40" LCD panels: V400H1-L03 Rev. C3 V400H1-L01 Rev. C2 V400H1-L03 Rev. C1
USED - $19.99

27-d023611-s CMO 27-D023611-S Lcd Backlight Inverter Slave Vit70023.81
Other numbers on the board: VIT70023.81 REV:5 K$27-D023611-L$SB816ES0PT I420H1-20B-L302F Fits panel: V420H1-L12
USED - $32.99

27.14240.019 CMO 27.14240.019 Backlight Inverter Rev 3c
for V320B1-L01 panel Board Numbers: 2714240019 VIT70002.00 I320B1-24-V02-L3C1
USED - $19.00

27-D070373 CMO 27-D070373 Backlight Inverter Board Rev0.1
Numbers on the board: CM32T_CHS K27-D070373-L$KLN218W09YI Made by Hansol Fits V320BJ3-L02 Rev.C1 32" LCD Panel
NEW - $12.00

27-D014496 CMO 27-D014496 Backlight Inverter Board E74060
Other board numbers: I260B1-12C-C001C E74060 Philips 996510009687 Fits LCD panel V260B1-L01 REV C1 Used in varios 26" LCD TV brands and models.
USED - $18.00

27-D074905 CMO 27-D074905 Led Backlight Driver L500h1-4ec
Backlight inverter/Driver module Board number L500H1-4EC Used with 50" LED panel V500HK1-LS5 Rev..C1
USED LIKE NEW - $19.99

27-D046593 CMO 27-D046593 Led Backlight Controller 4h.v3236.001
Board numbers: 4H.V3236.001 V323-201 LED driver, used with Optoelectronics 32" LED panel V315B5-LE1 Rev C2
USED - $35.00

35-D013368 CMO 35-D013368 T-con Board V420h1-c04
Fits 42" LCD panel V420H1-L04 REV C2
USED - $18.00

35-d013766 CMO 35-D013766 Lcd Controller Pcb Fhd-cm
Logic/ Control board, Fiits 47" LCD panel V470H1-L12 REV C1 T-con board
USED - $15.98

996510009687 CMO 996510009687 Inverter Pcb 27-d014496
for SK26H590D 26MF337B
Out of Stock

VIT70023.70 CMO VIT70023.70 Backlight Inverter Board Master Rev:2
Other board numbers: VIT70023.70/71 27-D010636 I420H1-20A-L201C REV:1C For 42" V420H1-L04 REV C2 LCD Panel.
Out of Stock

VIT70023.71 CMO VIT70023.71 Backlight Inverter Board - Slave Rev:2
Other numbers: 27D010636 I420H1-20-L201C Rev:1C
Out of Stock

VIT70063.50 CMO VIT70063.50 Backlight Inverter, Rev:3
Board numbers: I260B1-5UA-L201C 27-D023043 REV:3 Used with 26" Sharp LCD panels: V260B1-L11 C1 V260B1-L01 C2
Out of Stock

27-D005130-M CMO 27-D005130-M Backlight Inverter Master Rev 1g
Other numbers on the board: I470h1-24-V01-D1G0 Rev 1G 4HV1838.341 /F2 VK.8A183.L01 E206453 Model V183 Master inverter only.
Out of Stock

27-D005130-s CMO 27-D005130-S Backlight Inverter Slave Rev 1g
Other numbers on the board: 4H.V1838.351 /E2 27-D005130 I470H1-24-V01-D1G0 VK.8A183.L01 Panel number: V470H1-L02 REV C3
Out of Stock

27-d011766 CMO 27-D011766 Backlight Inverter Kit S22323 And M22323
Master and Slave in verter board kit. Board numbers: S22323 M22323 I420H1-20B-MASTER I420H1-20B-SLAVE I420H1-20B-C302D I420H1-20B-C301D T87I028.04 Fits panel V420H1-L07 REV C2 Philips part number 996510010058 Used in various 42" LCD TV models and brands.
Out of Stock

35-d003848 CMO 35-D003848 T-con Board V320b1-l01-c
Timing control PWB For V320B1-L01 LCD panel
Out of Stock


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