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 358 items found from SHARP brand:

NQP0000000075 SHARP NQP0000000075 Backlight Inverter Slave 1 Rev.2
Backlight inverter for 60" LCD panel. Other numbers on the board: J031035.00 REV.2 E116921
USED - $14.00

NQP0000000076 SHARP NQP0000000076 Backlight Inverter Master Rev.2
Other numbers on the board: RDENC2662TPZZ J03I035.00 Rev.2 J03I035.01 LF B200012677-00 Master Inverter only.
NEW - $15.00

NQP0000000073 SHARP NQP0000000073 Backlight Inverter Slave 3 Rev.2
Other numbers on the part: RDENC2663TPZZ J30I036.01 LF J30I036.00 Rev.2 B200012659-00
NEW - $15.00

NQP0000000074 SHARP NQP0000000074 Backlight Inverter Slave 2 Rev.2
LCD backlight inverter. Numbers found on board: J032036.00 REV.2, RDENC2663TPZ1 E116921
USED - $12.00

RRMCGB004WJSA SHARP RRMCGB004WJSA Remote Controller Gb004wjsa
Original Sharp remote control. Substitute Part number OARC04G
NEW - $10.00

RUNTK5246TPZZ SHARP RUNTK5246TPZZ T-con Board Cpwbx5246tpzz
Logic/Tiome control board Part numbers on the board: DUNTK5246TPZZ RUNTK5246TPZZ Made by Sharp.
NEW - $16.00

CPWBX4532TPZA SHARP CPWBX4532TPZA T-con Board Runtk4532tpza
Timing control module RUNTK4532TPZA Sharp part number NQP0000000077 Used with 60" panel LK600D3LA38
NEW - $22.00

NQP0000000094 SHARP NQP0000000094 Main Board 1a2c0525
Substitute part number NQP0000000029 Board numbers: 1A2C0525 899-M00-40N0 T.RSC8.10A 11153 Digital tuner HDMI inputs RGB input USB port Digital Audio Coaxial port Used with Sharp LK600D3LA38 60" panel
NEW - $69.00

NQP0000000006 SHARP NQP0000000006 Power Supply Board Ayp449901
Power Unit 3BS0012814 REV:1.0
NEW - $22.00

RDENC2590TPZZ SHARP RDENC2590TPZZ Backlight Inverter 2995324600
Backlight inverter for LK315T3LA57 panel Other numbers: 2995324600 DAC-24T079 BF Made by Sharp.
USED - $15.99

RUNTKB222WJN1 SHARP RUNTKB222WJN1 Bt And Wifi Module 48dhub03.0ga
for LC70UQ17U LC60UQ17U LC60EQ10U
USED LIKE NEW - $15.00

RUNTKA936WJQZ SHARP RUNTKA936WJQZ Wi- Fi Module/ Unit Twfm-b005d
Wireless network adapter board
USED LIKE NEW - $13.95

NQP0000000028 SHARP NQP0000000028 Original Sharp Remote Controller 845-039-40b0
for LC60E69U LC42SV50U
NEW - $9.99

DUNTKC794FE03 SHARP DUNTKC794FE03 Main Digital Board Xc794wj
Board numbers: KC794 XC794WJ Used with Sharp 37" LCD HDTV.
USED - $19.99

RUNTKB118WJQZ SHARP RUNTKB118WJQZ Power/inverter Board Dps-254bp-1
Power supply and Inverter module assembly Board numbers: DPS-254BP-1A 2950322003
USED LIKE NEW - $50.00

CEG353A SHARP CEG353A Power Supply/analog Input Board Etl-xpc-204t
Analog inputs (Component, composit, S-video) Power supply module, board numbers: ETL-XPC-204T 566824446710
USED - $29.00

RUNTK5261TPZH SHARP RUNTK5261TPZH T-con Board Runtk5261
Timing control module Used in 70" Vizio with Sharp LCD panels Substitute part numbers: RUNTK5261TPZC RUNTK5261TPZE RUNTK5261TPZZ RUNTK5261TPZG RUNTK5261TPZK RUNTK5261TPZJ RUNTK5261TPZN RUNTK5261TPZM RUNTK5261TPZA RUNTK5348TPZA RUNTK5348TPZZ RUNTK5348TPZB RUNTK5348TPZC
USED LIKE NEW - $29.95

DUNTKF975FM14 SHARP DUNTKF975FM14 T-con Board F975m14
Other board numbers: DUNTKF975WE14(A) DUNTKF975WE14(B) E239218 QPWBXF975WJN1 QKITPF975WJN1 Used in 52" and 60" Sharp LCD/LED panels.
NEW - $45.99

DUNTKF975FM20 SHARP DUNTKF975FM20 T Con Board Duntkf975we14
Timing control PCB Board numbers: DUNTKF975WE14/(A) QPWBXF975WJN1
USED LIKE NEW - $52.00

DUNTKG400FM11 SHARP DUNTKG400FM11 T-con Board Qpwbxg400wjzz
for LC70UQ17U
USED LIKE NEW - $25.00


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