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 295 items found from VIZIO brand:

098003060930 VIZIO 098003060930 Remote Controller Xrt010
Vizio part number 0980-0306-0990 Model number XRT010 Used with various Vizio TV models
USED LIKE NEW - $12.99

3632-0072-0189 VIZIO 3632-0072-0189 Ir Board 0171-1671-0741
Board number 0171-1671-0741. Sub part number 3632-0072-0189R
USED LIKE NEW - $15.00

4873x02.011 VIZIO 4873X02.011 Ir Sensor Pcb 48.73x02.011
Board number 48.73X02.011
NEW - $12.00

0500-0507-0790 VIZIO 0500-0507-0790 Power Supply Board Dps-321ap A
Board Numbers: DPS-321AP A DPS-321AP 2950253304 Sub part number 0500-0507-0790R
USED - $43.00

56.04198.051 VIZIO 56.04198.051 Power Supply Board B180-005
Power supply/backlight inverter module Input: 108-132V AC ~, 3.5A, 50-60Hz DC output: 3.3v 0.8A, 12V 2.8A AC output: VBL 95V 1.65A Board numbers: B180-005 4H.B1800.041/B
NEW - $23.95

3632-1932-0150 VIZIO 3632-1932-0150 Main Board 0171-2272-4603
Board number 0171-2272-4603 Sub part number 3632-1932-0150R HDMI inputs Analog inputs (component) LAN Ethernet port USB port Optical audio
NEW - $25.98

55.74X01.001 VIZIO 55.74X01.001 Main Board 48.73x04.011
3 HDMI inputs USB port Digital tuner Optical audio Component Video RGB input Board numbers: 48.73X04.011 L42M89AVN_US E213441
USED - $22.99

017GWF2LO VIZIO 017GWF2LO Wifi Module 802.11 B/g/n Wn4607r
for M3D470KDE M3D550KDE
NEW - $9.00

3642-0292-0189 VIZIO 3642-0292-0189 Ir Sensor Board 0171-1671-1023
for E550IA0 E470IA0
USED - $9.55

0500-0408-0530 VIZIO 0500-0408-0530 Power Supply Board 4h.b0940.011/c1
Power supply and backlight inverter board assembly B094-101 Sub part number 0500-0408-0530R Board numbers: 4H.B0940.011/C1 B094-101 Input voltage 110-240V DC. This board contains main power supply unit and backlight inverter in a single assembly. Made by Darfon, may be used in different
USED - $21.00

RUNTK5238TPZZ VIZIO RUNTK5238TPZZ Led Backlight Strip Kit (3 Strips)
for 70" Sahrp LCD screen
USED - $130.00

os-294v-0e88441 VIZIO OS-294V-0E88441 Led Backlight Strip 31s40_001
8 LED strip 31S40_001 Used in 96.31S40.006 LCD panel
NEW - $19.95

6916L-0801A VIZIO 6916L-0801A Led Backlight Strip V12 Edge Rev1.1 6920l-0001c
for M320SL
USED - $30.00

755.00602.0001 VIZIO 755.00602.0001 Led Driver Board 13978-1
for P552UIB2
USED LIKE NEW - $35.00

55.76Q02.001 VIZIO 55.76Q02.001 Led Backlight Inverter Board
for E550IB2 E550IB2 E550IB2 E550IB2E E550IB2E
USED LIKE NEW - $35.00

55.76Q01.001 VIZIO 55.76Q01.001 Main Board Y14_e550i_m80_mb
for E550IB2 E550IB2 E550IB2
USED LIKE NEW - $75.00

3632-2482-0395 VIZIO 3632-2482-0395 Main Board 0171-2271-5254
Main unit Digital tuner Component input 2 HDMI USB port Board number 0171-2271-5254
USED - $25.99

Y8386194S VIZIO Y8386194S Main Board 01-70car001-00-194
Main unit Board numbers: 01-70CAR001-00-194 1P-012BJ00-4012 0170CAR00100 Substitute part numbers: Y8385864S Y8386216S Y8385904S Y8386242S
USED LIKE NEW - $75.00

3646-0082-0150 VIZIO 3646-0082-0150 Main Board 0171-2272-2434
Main Unit Digital/Analog module Board numbers: 0171-2272-2434 3646-0082-0395 3646-0082-0150R
USED - $22.00

55.73X01.B01 VIZIO 55.73X01.B01 Main Board 48.73x04.011
Other board numbers: 5573X01B01G L42M89AVN_US 11127-1 48.73X04.011 HDMI inputs Digital Tuner Component input RGB in Used with V420FWSE01 42" LCD panel
NEW - $59.97


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